2020 NEC

Now Accepting NEC® 2020 Public Inputs

Dear Fellow IAEI Members,

IAEI has a long history of being an instrumental part of the code-making process. We wish to continue this history as the “Voice of the Inspector.”

 During the 2020 cycle, IAEI will support members who would like to have their code changes reviewed and adopted. Presented as an “Official IAEI” proposal, members can submit a Public Input directly to us.

To submit a Public Input, sign into the IAEI website at iaei.org. Go to the “Membership” tab and click on “IAEI Public Input/Comment” tab. You can then follow the step-by-step guide provided.

The IAEI NEC Development Committee, which consist of IAEI code panel representatives, will handle the portion of the code applicable to your proposal and will complete the first stage of review. Once they have completed their review, they will make a recommendation that will be forwarded to the IAEI Codes and Standards Committee for further review. If approved at this level your public input will be submitted as an “Official IAEI” sponsored change to NFPA.

These proposed changes must be completed by May 1, 2017; no changes will be accepted after this date for the first public input stage.

This process will accomplish two things: first, it will encourage more participation from our general membership; second, it will save a considerable amount of processing time for IAEI approval. Once the IAEI Codes and Standards Committee has made their final decision on the changes for IAEI submittal, the public inputs will be uploaded to NFPA website as an official IAEI Public Input.

The key element of public inputs for “Official IAEI” endorsement is the proposed changes should be focused mainly on electrical safety and enforceability by the authority having jurisdiction. IAEI members and inspectors are often considered to be the eyes of the Code. Many times those involved in the code-making process never actually see the results of the Code applications. Our association has an obligation to help develop code that is enforceable and provides for a safer electrical installation.

Download the Public Input form and step-by-step instructions on how a public input can be submitted.

Additional information is also available on the IAEI website.  If you require assistance or have any questions, please call 1-800-786-4234, 972-235-1455 or email us at iaei@iaei.org