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We can get rid of the Michigan Residential Code Electrical Requirements  and just use the National Electrical Code and the Part 8 Rules, (The Michigan Electrical Code). But we need your HELP!!

The Michigan Residential Code rules are open for proposals to adopt the 2021 Michigan Residential Code.

The State of Michigan has opened the rule set for the 2021 Part 5 Residential Code.

Together We Can Remove the Electrical Requirements in the Michigan Residential Code and use ONLY the Michigan Electrical Code, Part 8 Rules.

We Need your Help!!

The Michigan Chapter IAEI Board of Directors unanimously supported revising the Michigan Residential Code, MRC to remove the electrical requirements in Chapter 34 and to revert to the Michigan Electrical Code, Part 8 Rules. The Chapter Membership, on June 17, 2022, also voted to unanimously support that change to the residential code.


Below is the information from the Bureaus Website

2021 Part 5 Residential Code

The 2021 Residential rules are now open.

The current Residential rule set can be reviewed under our Administrative Rules webpage.  To be included in our email distribution regarding the rule set’s status, send an email to  with the subject line “Subscribe – Part 5 Residential Code”. You will then be notified of upcoming proposed code changes and other relevant information.


The IAEI-Michigan Chapter Board is recommending that the membership be contacted and requested to submit comments to LARA-BCC, and to their state legislators, regarding updates to the Michigan Residential Code (MRC) to remove the electrical requirements of the Michigan Residential Code and instead refer to and use the requirements of the current Michigan Electrical Code (MEC).

Delete the contents of Chapter 34 and revise E3401.1 to reference the Michigan Electrical Code. Delete Chapters 35 through 43.

The reasons for doing this are:

Having redundant electrical codes makes it more difficult for inspectors to do inspections and cite violations, and increases the workload for LARA to coordinate the adoption of the latest codes.

There are other states that have removed the electrical code requirements from their residential code adoption and referred the requirements to their state electrical code requirements.

Dual electrical code requirements increase costs and confusion for electricians and contractors  because the requirements of the codes differ.

Electrical professionals are trained in the requirements of the National Electrical Code, adopted as the Michigan Electrical Code, and not in the Michigan Residential Code.

Having disparities in the versions of the two codes makes the required continuing education training requirements more difficult and less effective.

Years of experience in having electrical requirements in both the MRC and MEC have shown little if any benefit for either LARA-BCC or electrical professionals.

Most apprenticeship schools and community colleges only have classes on the National Electrical Code and not the Michigan Residential Code.

Most electricians have access to a copy of the National Electrical Code and most electricians do not have access to the Michigan Residential Code.

Licensed journey and master electricians are required to attend a code update class within twelve months of adoption of the Michigan Electrical Code. A code update is not required for electricians when a new Michigan Residential Code is adopted.

Please use your voice to impact the electrical industry in a positive way.

Send this email to all Apprentices, Electricians, Contractors, Electrical Inspectors and Engineers

Legislation and BCC

Active Bills

HB 4494  & HB 4495

The department shall not sell or furnish any list of information obtained under this act that contains a personal phone number or email address of a licensee or registrant for the purpose of surveys, marketing, and solicitation

HB 4648

Construction; code; advisory committees for certain building codes; create….the director shall appoint advisory committees for each of the codes listed in subsection

 Michigan Residential Code Notification

Michigan Residential Code Notification
July 29, 2021
The latest edition of the international residential code has been published and is available to the general public.  On July 20, 2021, the department held a public meeting at The Michigan Library and Historical Center, 1st Floor Forum, where the department offered the public an opportunity to present data and comments on the general need to update the Michigan residential code.  

We appreciate the industry feedback provided at that meeting along with additional written input the department received on the 2021 international residential code.

Pursuant to MCL 125.1504(6) the department has determined to update the Michigan residential code.

Keith Lambert

Director of the Bureau of Construction Codes

BCC Trades Connection March, 2021


See the current status chart Here

BCC Trades Connection - September 2020


Follow this link https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-89334_10575_97015_102511—,00.html

Michigan newsletter for June 2020 is available. Follow the link:


January, 2020

There will be a rules advisory meeting held on the PROPOSED DRAFT Skilled Trades Regulation Rules on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. at 611 W. Ottawa Street, Lansing MI 48933 in Upper Level Conference Room 3. Attached is the PROPOSED DRAFT for the Skilled Trades Regulatory rules that will be discussed at this meeting. The draft rules can also be found on Michigan’s website under Currently Open Rules: https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-89334_10575_17550_17583_85703—,00.html.

 Michigan Residential Code Notification