2023 NEC

Be the voice of safety: Submit your Public Input for IAEI Official Endorsement by June 1.

IAEI has a long history of being an instrumental part of the code-making process. IAEI members and inspectors are considered to be the eyes of the Code. Many times, those involved in the code-making process never actually see the results of their Code-change proposals. Because IAEI has an obligation to help develop code that is enforceable and provides for safer electrical installations, we support members like you who would like to have their code changes presented to the NFPA as “Official IAEI” endorsed proposals. IAEI representatives to the NEC Code-Making Panels will complete the first-stage review of submitted Public Inputs. Once they have finished, their recommendations will be forwarded to the IAEI Codes and Standards Committee for a final review for endorsement. If endorsed, your Public Inputs will be submitted to NFPA as “Official IAEI” sponsored changes.

The IAEI Public Input process accomplishes three things:
1. It gives all electrical professionals a voice;2. It encourages more participation from our membership;3. It provides our members’ Public Inputs with an Official IAEI endorsement, increasing the likelihood that proposals are adopted.
The key element for an approved “Official IAEI” endorsement is that the proposed changes should be focused mainly on electrical safety and enforceability by the authority having jurisdiction.
During the 2023 cycle, you can submit Public Inputs directly to IAEI by logging into your member account at www.iaei.org. Hover over the “Membership“ tab, click on the “IAEI Public Input/Comment” tab, and then follow the step -by step instructions provided.

The deadline for Public Input submission to IAEI is June 1, 2020. IAEI Public Inputs cannot be accepted after this date. Attached to this email is the Public Input form and step-by-step instructions on submitting Public Inputs. Additional information is also available on the IAEI website. If you require assistance or have any questions, please call 1-800-786-4234, 972-235-1455, or email us at Dave Clements
IAEI President/CEO