Meeting Notice

A new house bill has been introduced, HB 4648 of 2021.


This bill is essentially identical to HB 5376 of 2018 that we worked so hard to defeat.

This is another attempt by some associations to delay the code adoption process.
The Bill will provide additional obstacles toward Code Adoption.
The Bill would require a large committee to be assembled to review every code change no matter how minor the change. (Changing the “a” to “an”)
The Bill would add another layer of bureaucracy that is not necessary

Here is the link where you can find the contact information for your State Representative

HB 4648 of 2021 Sample Letter

State Construction Code Act
Public Act 230 of 1972

Michigan Part 8 Electrical Rules
2017 Michigan Electrical Code Rules

Electrical Administrative Act
Public Act 217 of 1956

General Rules of the Electrical Board
Rules to PA 217

Building Officials and Inspectors Registration Act
Public Act 54 of 1986

Act 407 of 2016
replaced PA 54, and PA 217 April 4,2017

Link to Michigan to download PA 407

Rules for PA407 currently under development.