Meeting Notice

A new senate bill has been introduced,  SB 363.

SB 363, essentially a reincarnation of HB 5376 of 2017 is up for a hearing Thursday in front of the Economic and Small Business committee

B-363 wants to revise Public Act 230 to add large committees for amending the code.  We need to oppose this bill as it will do nothing but delay the adoption of updated codes in Michigan.

1) The current code update and adoption process is working and does not need modification.

2) As for state-level electrical and residential codes we are already able to and have modified them in the past.

3) Adding additional requirements for Michigan will slow down the updating process and may place Michigan businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

4) The various parties who are concerned with code provisions already have opportunities at a national level to give input relative to proposed changes.

5) Appointing members and scheduling meetings for additional state-level advisory panels would be burdensome for LARA and the Bureau of Construction Codes, and for all parties involved in the process. There are increased costs and time requirements associated with this legislation.

6) Given that there could potentially be hundreds of changes, both major and minor, within each of the building codes, there is no practical way that state-convened committees could review all of the changes and conduct balloting on each one.

7) Updated codes quite often contain new provisions that allow installations to be done with lower-cost methods and materials.

Hopefully, these talking points are sufficient for discussing the heart of the issue with the various state senators.

Please don’t let this legislation gain momentum. We need to voice our concerns.

Here is the link where you can find the contact information for your State Senators.

SB-363 PDF


State Construction Code Act
Public Act 230 of 1972

Michigan Part 8 Electrical Rules
2017 Michigan Electrical Code Rules

Electrical Administrative Act
Public Act 217 of 1956

General Rules of the Electrical Board
Rules to PA 217

Building Officials and Inspectors Registration Act
Public Act 54 of 1986

Act 407 of 2016
replaced PA 54, and PA 217 April 4,2017

Link to Michigan to download PA 407

Rules for PA407 currently under development.