July, 2021

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July, 2021-Sad news 

Sad news to share on the passing of Mike Andrews, former Chief Electrical Inspector in Grand Rapids (59) lost his battle with Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Mike left the Board a few years ago due to his illness. Please keep him and his family in your prayres

July, 2021

Our Summer meeting in Bay city  went of great! The general consensus was nice to be back in person.  Our next gathering will be as we host the Western Section meeting in September at Shanty Creek Resorts.  You can register for the meeting by clicking the banner at the top of every page of our website. There will be other activities our chapter has arranged, like fishing, golf and a Mackinac Island excursion.  Stay tuned to the website as we will make registration for those events as soon as possible.  Hope to see you then.  

October, 2020

PA407  rules meeting review from Tom, who has been keeping tabs on developments effecting us. 

Dear IAEI-Michigan Board Members,

I have reviewed the second draft of the proposed rules for Public Act 407. It appears that the Bureau has addressed the concerns that were raised during the first draft review relative to the continuing education requirements that were in the Act 54 Rules. Essentially, the training categories remain the mostly the same, with the formal addition of Plan Review as a category. There is a reduction in the number of required hours of training, from 47 to 34, for electrical inspectors, primarily in the Technical and Specialty categories, with a slight increase in the requirements for Communication and Plan Review. For electrical plan reviewers there is a requirement for an additional six hours of training in the Plan Review category.

The requirements for provisional registration are significantly changed under the proposed rules. This coincides with the Bureau moving to having a testing requirement in order to become registered as an inspector or plan reviewer. This has possible implications for our ongoing Inspectors School efforts, but I don’t think that it is a major concern as people will still be looking for training on the various public acts and other topics that we have been covering in order to prep themselves for the new exams.

There is another public hearing, via Zoom, on October 16th at 9:00 AM. Please let me know if you have any additional thoughts or concerns that should be presented with the representation of IAEI-Michigan as part of the hearing.

Best wishes,


Thomas Bowes