Michigan Legislation

This page is available to post proposed legislation and any new Public Acts that affect the Electrical Industry or Electrical Inspectors directly.


A bill to amend 2016 PA 407, entitled
“Skilled trades regulation act,”

This bill will add “Business Monitoring System” to the list is exemptions for licensing and permits.  Follow up with your interested associations and legislators to have your voice heard.  The full amendment can be read at the Michigan Begislature site.


Proposed Legislation SB-297 makes correction to PA 407

(f) “Electrical wiring” means all wiring, generating equipment, fixtures, appliances, DEVICES, and appurtenances in connection with the generation, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy, in or on a building, residence, structure, or properties, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THE ELECTRICAL WIRING IS ENERGIZED AT THE TIME OF INSTALLATION.  The term includes service entrance wiring as defined in the Michigan electrical code.


 Apprentice to License Ratio   Public Act 73 of 2016 has changed the apprenticeship ratio for all installations to allow up to three apprentices to one licensed electrical on a job site. Effective July 4, 2016. This was HB-4813. That was signed by the Governor on April 5, 2016.

2016 Two very important pieces of legislation that affect the electrical industry.

HB-5123 This Bill will amend PA 230 to put AFCI Protection requirements for residential dwellings into the law, which would override the code. HB-5123 has been proposed by members of the JCAR Committee comprising of Republicans and Democrats to put the AFCI requirement into the law and not just in the code. PLEASE contact your legislator and explain to them the importance of AFCI’s and electrical safety. Michigan had over 100 fire fatalities in residential occupancies in 2015. The fire statistics of these fires report the cause if initially known. Unfortunately out of the 104 fatalities only 13 show a reported initial cause and the rest show that they are under investigation. Of the ones reporting a cause, an electrical malfunction is reported as the cause fifty percent of the time. (More)(2015 Michigan Fatal Fires)

There are two House Bills (2/25/15) that will impact the Electrical Inspection Industry.

HB-4245 Will amend PA 54 to state that to become a provisional Inspector you would not have to be employed by an enforcing agency. (More)

HB-4256 Will amend the Occupational Code to require Home Inspectors to be licensed. (More)

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