Michigan PA 407 approved classes until September 2023

The Michigan Chapter of IAEI has submitted classes from the International Organization for approval.  You can complete the classes at your convenience.  Once completed you will receive credit as posted for each program.  Some programs are more than one class from International.  Follow the link to the International Organization and register for the classes in your chosen program. Not all classes at International have been approved in Michigan.

Program 1

Connecting to Earth – The Grounding Electrode System:
1 1/2 Hour Program.


Personal Protection for Dwelling Units:
1 1/2 Hour Program

Credit hours: 1-SP, 1-T, 1-PR

Program 2

Swimming Pools:
4 – Hour Program

Credit Hours: 2 – SP, 2 – T, 

Program 3

Transformer Installations:
1 1/2 Hour Program.
Common Electrical Code Calculations:
1 1/2 Hour Program.
Credit Hours:  2-SP,  1-PR

Program 4

Program #4 – Photovoltaic (PV) Systems:
3-Hour Program


Health Care Facilities:
1 1/2- Hour Program

Credit Hours: 1-SP, 3-PR